South Korea | Seoul: March 18-22, 2018

March 18, 2018


A long journey from the airport to the apartment. Glad there's a 24 hour convenience store right in the apartment building. Our AirBnb apartment is so slick! From the way we unlock the apartment to the auto lights... impressive.

March 19, 2018

Shopping! Eating! Walking! A crazy maze of alleys and stalls. Even made friends with Mr. Kim visiting from Washington, DC who showed us a hole in the wall for an excellent Korean lunch. Things were not cheap here though, bleh!

March 20, 2018

Today we cable car’d our way up to the Namsan Tower. Stunning views! Seoul is such a massive, sprawling city. Locked our Jediseh love with a love lock as well!

Then after having to walk back down because the cable car stopped working due to high winds, we had a fantastic lunch, and made our way to Seoul Animation Center. Kaelen had the opportunity to make Charizard out of this cool styrofoam clay with the help of a super sweet staff member! Really neat place, a place of such creativity.

Checked out a super crazy grocery store Lotte Mart! Super Fun!!

March 21, 2018

Checked out the Trickeye Museum. Interesting place to say the least! Neat tricks to fool the eye/camera. Some a bit more risqué than others, which we decided to skip! And a cool (pun intended) ice museum... real ice!

Getting there was fun as well. Cool are. Got to have some absolutely delicious authentic Dak Galbi, chicken stir fried in front of you (yum!!) at Yoogane, Global Chicken Galbi! We were soooo full, and our tastebuds were soooo very satisfied!

Very hip part of Seoul! Neat, trendy stores, cafes and restaurants lining the streets and alleys of this district! Even stopped by the Brick Burger, a Lego themed burger joint.

Ended up spending quite a bit of time at one of their stationery shops. Love asian stationery!!

After this, we headed to a damn cool futuristic architecture at this Mecca for design and art! Even passed by their fashion week and saw snooty models and photographers and celebrities walking the red carpet. Neat building inside as well. Being quite tired, we found a nice cafe across the street so we can see this structure lit up like a ufo! Worth the hang!

March 22, 2018

After several days of modern, hip, and technophilic Seoul, we checked out its past at its imperial palace grounds. Not knowing much about it, it seemed like a Korean version of Beijing’s Forbidden City - a massive complex of pavilions, gates and bridges all surrounded by walls. You can even rent traditional costumes, which many tourists around did.

Super early flight tomorrow morning to Tokyo, Japan, from where we will head straight to Kyoto. Had we planned better, we could have simply flown to Osaka.

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