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The Ganapathis moved from South India to Montreal in May of 1990. The Luthras moved from North India to Toronto in June of 1990.


In March of 2003, Karthik Ganapathi and Penny Luthra met on an Indian dating site "Bindi Dates", when Penny's friend insisted her to contact Karthik after reading his profile. They chatted on MSN Messenger for a week before meeting in person outside of Kelsey's on Don Mills Rd and York Mills Rd during Karthik's break (he worked the evening shift at Roger's then). They went on an official date a week later to the Red Room and ended up spending the entire day together - hanging out, as great friends do. Soon, they realized how much they loved hanging out together as friends.

This went on for two years, and they became closer and closer as friends. There are many, many stories about the jealousy that crept up when either was dating someone else. Penny knew she really, really liked Karthik, and even told him, however Karthik was just not ready.


January of 2005: Karthik went to India with his parents. When he returned, Penny left to go to Australia with her BFF in February. They saw each other after two months and both had life changing decisions they had made. Karthik wanted to lead a simple life by either becoming a monk or marrying a typical, and subdued Indian girl. Penny wanted to take off to Australia to travel and work.

March 1st, 2005: Penny and Karthik hung out with Penny's friend Andeen at an IKEA to buy some gifts for Penny's friend who had moved to India now, and who originally insisted Penny to connect with Karthik on Bindi Dates. After dropping Andeen home they decided they needed to hang out some more. They did. All night - talking, and talking, and talking some more at Karthik's apartment. On her way home, they continued to talk on the phone. Even after Penny reached home, they continued to talk on the phone until 7 in the morning. They were talking about their life paths going separate ways. Penny realized that this didn't feel right. She told Karthik that if their paths are going separate ways, then she must put an end to this friendship as it would hurt too much. She had realized and so told him "I would have loved to have been married to you", and they ended the call.

Penny got ready and went to work that morning - crying the entire subway ride to work. She burst into tears throughout the day. After work her and Andeen picked up wine and went to Andeen's house. There, she cried more. She called her brother Nik to come pick her up to take her home as she was in no condition to be alone and travel.

Karthik had decided not to go to work that morning. He stayed at home, and couldn't help but burst into tears throughout the day himself.

March 3rd, 2005: Karthik called Penny at 2 am and left a voicemail. The voicemail said... "I've been thinking about this all day and I feel the same way. Please call me." So she called and they met at a Tim Horton's on Yonge and Finch.

Sitting there with a coffee and a green tea in hand, they looked at each other and said "We're doing this!". We had been running away from what we always knew - we couldn't possibly live the rest of our lives without each other. This decision was the only one that felt truly right, and brought peace to our confused selves.

July 2nd, 2005: Our religious and cultural engagement took place in New Jersey at Karthik's aunt Seetha Chitti's house. It was a fun time with our close family and friends joining us on the trip.

End of July, 2005: We closed on our condo and Karthik moved in.

September 16th, 2005: We got married. Twice!


February 9th, 2006: Penny resigned from work in the morning and Karthik got laid off from his job. Penny's boss basically told her "no backsies!"

February 10th, 2006: We left for our Honeymoon - Egypt and Morocco.


August 2007: We started our company Hire Minds Inc. with a long term plan in mind.


June 12th, 2008: With our condo rented out, our stuff in storage and in the parents' basement, our 2 backpacks and 2 laptop bags (carrrying a laptop each), we took off for the experience of our lives!


June 6th, 2009: We were welcomed by our family at Pearson airport with flowers in their hands. All we could feel was sadness. Deep sadness as our adventures ended. Traveling is what we live for.


March 2010: We found out we were pregnant! Excel sheets were made, research was done, and name was picked!

November 9th, 2010: Our lives changed forever. Kaelen was born.


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