New Zealand | Auckland: May 6-7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Auckland, New Zealand!

After a day of being in planes and airports, we're finally here in this tiny remote nation. And we lose four hours. Shucks!

Just a day here and we were quite tired and jet-lagged, with poor Kaelen really losing it on the flights/airports. We feel bad we're putting him through this in terms of missing out on naps and consistent sleep. But, we hope to make up for that in new sights, sounds, and adventure.  Rationalizing? Perhaps!

So... we only really had one thing in mind to see here in Auckland so we could take it easy, the Sky Tower (kind of like our CN Tower). We walked down Queen Street (like our Yonge Street) where our hotel is down to the Harbour. We were amazed at how multicultural it is. Soo many Asians and Indians and Maoris and...! Really cool! Even popped our head in a local bank where they had this massive Lego helicopter, so the boys were both really happy.

We then made it to the Harbour and found out there wasn't much to do there but take a ferry. So, we made a spot decision to take one with five minutes to go for the ferry to leave. We headed over to Devonport Island, which supposedly has the best views of Auckland. Boarded a tour bus , where the guide enlightened us with the local history etc. etc. and took us atop Mt. Victoria, which, yes, truly did have some awesome 360 degree views. So many islands and hills, thanks to this young country's rich volcanic past.

Took some pictures and decided to head back to Auckland. Was getting dark so we decided to scratch Sky Tower and thought we'd check it out tomorrow before we headed off to Rotorua.

Had some dinner at this Asian Food hall and had some Bento boxes and chatted up some nice, old Japanese ladies, one of whom even gave us her business card. Came home and passed out! But excited to drive tomorrow and visit Hobbitton!

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