India | Jaipur: April 29-May 1, 2009

April 29th, 2009

Left Gurgaon early this morning to catch our train which was supposed to leave at 5:10 am. After waiting for aobut 1 hour, the train finally arrived and we walked between carriages to find our seats…the only seats that were available when we bought our tickets two weeks ago. A private compartment. The most expensive seats. We napped.

April 30th, 2009

We were planning to head out in the morning but that just didn’t happen. We headed out around 1 and boy was it hot.

  • Hawa mahal
  • City palace
    • Café
  • The auto driver took us to a crafts factory
    • We bought some stuff there
  • Went shopping at the main bazaar - ….bazaar
  • Hunted for pa’s turbans
  • Bought some sarees for the mothers
  • And some jewelry
  • Exhausted – we returned to the hotel and washed up – we were filthy from being out all day
  • Sweating all day…drenched…and then all the pollution led to grime on our faces and any other body part that was exposed. Gross!

May 1st, 2009

We went to the amber fort in an auto.

Contended with the jeep drivers for the rates.

Got back and on the way stopped off at LMB to pick up paneer ka gerwah!

The auto driver was upset that we weren’t going shopping with him as this would mean that we wouldn’t make extra cash on commissions. But we really didn’t need to shop anymore and penny’s stomach was hurting.

Got back early afternoon and rested. Karthik worked.

Headed out to chowki dhani this evening – by an a/c taxi this time.

The place was awesome.

Food – man oh man the food… there was so much food. They served us so much variety that we were getting confused about what to eat. It was yummy too. They served a large spoon of khichadi and poured about 2 serving spoons full of ghee on it. The same with rice.

  • Bull carts
  • Camel rides
  • Elephant rides
  • Fair games
  • Dance performances
  • Gift shops
  • Food stalls
  • River boat rides
  • A maze
  • Children’s swings and things
  • A cave
  • A lady cooking rotis in a hut
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