Enough of the Obsessive Selfies! Actually, Who Cares?!

I know it’s not just me who’s tired of them. There has got to be many others out there, quietly rolling their eyes every time that someone posts a perfect selfie, with perfect lighting, a perfect caption, doing the perfect activity, wearing the perfect clothes (and makeup). You know the one who posts such posts on a regular!????

I’m hoping that everyone is just too polite to tell these people off as a response to their posts. Because really, I don’t give a damn why you think it’s such a fabulous Monday morning. Get over yourself!

But that’s exactly what these self indulgent folk are not doing. They’re not getting over themselves. Studies have been conducted. Scholarly papers have been written. Obsessive selfies = narcissism + psychopathy. Just google it. But even without reading the papers, we all know instinctively that this would be the hypothesis of any sociologist or psychologist seeking the truth.

a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

We also would figure that such selfie-obsessed people thrive on the hits or likes or even comments. Notice how some people end their posts posing a question? This call for action is usually a blatant request for a ‘make me feel better because I feel lonely.’ or ‘tell me how much what I say to you matters.’ or ‘I want to see my worth increase with each line and comment.’ I wonder for how many the actual answer from their followers/friends matters. Do they really care about what their audience truly thinks? Most likely it is merely a numbers game. A narcissist or a psychopath doesn’t truly give a shit about others’ real thoughts or comments after all!

Is it worth it then to consider one’s relationship with these people real? Are the “likers” actually wasting their energy by merely becoming “enablers”? Is it a train wreck type situation? Why do we continue to feed this useless, fake fire? There may be many reasons for it and I do not claim to have brainstormed them all. A few though might follow the lines of feeling obligated to respond, feeling sorry because one can see how hard this ‘perfect poster’ is trying, or even because one doesn’t actually care enough to help them become better people. We have all become desensitized with such obsessions. We no longer truly care to see why some attempt to portray such “perfect pictures” of themselves to the world. Such facades no longer disturb us. We watch these people participate in such behaviour, roll our eyes privately, click the ‘like’ button, talk behind their backs, and don’t give a real crap.

Social media has invaded our lives quite forcefully. It has made us adopt a social agreement without reading its fine print. Large print: Social media brings us together. Fine print: It will actually tear us apart. Our real relationships are now filled with more ‘fakery’ than needed. We don’t even read people’s posts if we have to hit “read more” link. We often just hit that “thumbs up” icon instead and keep scrolling. Who’s got the time? Who really gives a shit? It’s all a pile of words and pictures, only important to the author, fake-liked by superficial and real friends, and working to merely inflate or deflate fragile egos. We now only care about sharing our own view points, only so we can feel like we are heard. But no one is actually listening or reading. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are climbing up. Any real or meaningful relationships are not established or maintained in this manner.

“Write something real you fool!” is what I feel like screaming. Something that actually means something. Something substantive. Meaningful. Don’t take pictures of sunrises either, and write useless empowering captions. This saviour complex is just as bad! Enough! Just enough of your perfect fake smiles and equally perfect fake realities you think people appreciate. Most of us see right through these folk and such attempts. Unfortunately not many of us care as much any longer to actually give a real crap! It seems that you will have to save yourself my friend, from your narcissism and psychopathy.

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