China | Shanghai: March 14-17, 2018

March 14-17, 2018

After choosing not to apply for a tourist VPN in Shanghai, it felt rather nice to be liberated from access to social media and emails. The real conundrum - how to easily digitally document our travels? Realization: Yep we rely on this medium. So be it.

Here are our highlights of the few days we spent in Shanghai.

1. We were taken by the Old Town with its hustle and bustle, people approaching us to buy cheap knock-offs, insane amount of food being sold (octopus fritters, dumplings galore, scallion pancakes, stinky tofu), but most impressively, the antique buildings and maze of alleys. The Yu Gardens within this complex was a nice oasis in the midst of all this chaos, built during the Ming dynasty, filled with cool rock formations, pools and halls.

2. The fun and busy Nanjing pedestrian road was a cool glimpse into modern “commercial” Shanghai - a wide avenue that stretched for a mile surrounded by glitzy malls and shops. Loved the fresh yogurt sold in ceramic jars.

3. As we walked up the ramp at the Bund, we all "Wow"d together as the skyline appeared. We were more enthralled by the modern skyline facing ahead than the colonial buildings lining the Bund behind us. Truly, a jewel in Asia’s crown! Crazy skyscrapers and towers like we’ve never seen elsewhere (not even HK), each building so unique and designed on drugs likely.

4. Took the ferry across the river to Pudong (the “downtown”) and ascended the 2nd tallest building in the world (Shanghai Tower) up the fastest elevator in the world and saw a bird’s eye view of this sprawling megalopolis!

5. Early morning breakfast exploration with locals where we munched on some massive steamed buns and tasty fried crepes, fried pancakes, fried sweet dough sticks (they love fried stuff here)! Also walked over to a park nearby and checked out locals doing Tai-chi, playing badminton and even doing calligraphy with water on the pavement.

6. On the way out of Shanghai towards the airport, we lucked out taking the Maglev at the right time to catch it on its highest speed!

Sure we were only here to get over our jet lag, but we did have some incredible experiences! Off to Seoul.

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